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Mari Kodama
Artistic and
Musical Director

Ken Johnson

Dan Kelly

Mel Bachmeier

Sally Kipper
Treasurer and Executive Director

Yen Bachmeier
Katie Balestreri
May Luke
Kirke Mechem

Musical Days in Forest Hill is a unique neighborhood chamber music festival unlike anything else in San Francisco! Many of you will recall past Musical Days concerts produced by our neighbors concert pianist Mari Kodama Nagano and Maestro Kent Nagano. Though the Naganos moved from the neighborhood a few years ago, they retain a special fondness for our community, and have continued to present their exquisite musical gift to us in the intimacy of the Forest Hill clubhouse.

This 2015 festival will be shortened to just two days, Saturday July 4th and Sunday July 5th. We’ll celebrate July 4th with a 4:00 PM concert, followed by a BBQ! There will be a special children’s concert at 11:30 AM on Sunday the 5th, and an adult concert that evening at 7:30PM.

This is an opportunity for Forest Hill neighbors and friends to experience a rare musical tradition - one more typically reserved for musicians and their closest friends, and in earlier times, for European royalty. This year’s theme will be “Piano, Cello & Horn: The Noble Voices of the Instruments,” performed by outstanding world renowned virtuosi. We hope you will join us!

The musicians perform as friends of the Naganos and for the love of music. They stay with host families in the neighborhood. While their performances are a gift to the Forest Hill community, there are still expenses, covered only partially by ticket sales. These include airfare, program printing, piano rental and tuning costs, and post-performance refreshments.

Musical Days in Forest Hill is a non-profit organization. We welcome your tax-deductible donations