BEETHOVEN's 250th Year

Mari Kodama: Artistic Director
Kent Nagano: Artistic Advisor

Musical Days Productions Steering Committee
Yen Bachmeier
Mel Bachmeier
Nina Grove
Ken Johnson
Laurel Skurko
Carolyn Spitz
Stephen Spitz

Joseph Stillwell: Program Notes
Lisa Brussell: Graphic Design
Yen Bachmeier: Website Design & Photography

Welcome to our Guests

The Consul General of Canada
The Consul General of France
The Consul General of Germany
The Consul General of Japan

Special thanks to
Steinway Piano for sponsorship of the Steinway Hamburg D
Sponsorship of the piano tuning and transport by Anonymous

Thanks to our Business Sponsors
SFJazz Center, 205 Franklin Street, San Francisco
Lisa Brussell Design,

In-Kind Gifts and Donations
This Beethoven Piano Festival was made possible through the generosity of many individuals.
We are extremely grateful to the following for their sponsorship
and assistance in supporting the festival:

Host Families
Vicki Grey and George Symons
Marie and George Hecksher
Janet N. Hunter and David B. Zenoff
Charlene and John Kiesselbach
Eva and Mike Monroe
Susan and John Rothstein
Carolyn and Stephen Spitz
Laura and Art Tropp

Musical Days Benefactors
Yen and Mel Bachmeier
Jerome and Thao Dodson
Nina Grove and Ken Johnson
Marie and George Hecksher
Carolyn and Stephen Spitz

TEMPEST SPONSOR: $2,500 and over
Christine and Justin Kan

MOONLIGHT SPONSOR: $1,000 and over
Helen and John Meyer
Mark Salkind and Miranda Heller

PASTORAL SPONSOR: $500 and over
Alec and Sharry Bash
Bruce and Lisa Ericson
Kathy Henschel and John Dewes
William McGee
Deborah Mintz and Michael Gorman
Margaret Moster
David Napier
Terri Stuart
Arthur Tropp
Laura Tropp