SUNDAY, OCTOBER 10 at 10:00 AM

Introductions: William Meredith

There has been a program change for Concert 3.
Sonata No 20 in G major Op. 49, No.2 will now be performed by Mari Kodama

Piano Sonata OP. 31 No. 1 in G major (16)
(Cameron Akioka)

Piano Sonata OP. 31 No. 2 in D minor "Tempest" (17)
(Miri Yampolsky)

Piano Sonata OP. 31 No. 3 in E-flat major "The Hunt" (18)
(Kenneth Broberg)


(Composed 1795–6, Published 1805)
Piano Sonata OP. 49 No. 1 in G minor (19)
(Olivia Pham)

Piano Sonata OP. 49 No. 2 in G major (20)
(Mari Kodama)

Piano Sonata OP. 53 in C major "Waldstein" (21)
(Daniel Hsu)

Piano Sonata OP. 54 in F major (22)
(Markus Pawlik)

Piano Sonata OP. 57 in F minor "Appassionata" (23)
(Richard Raymond )

The performing artists are subject to change, including by reason of COVID related
travel restrictions on non-U.S. citizens, SFJazz Center and San Francisco COVID
guidelines will be followed with respect to vaccination and mask requirements.
To accommodate social distancing in the concert hall, Miner Auditorium seating will be limited to 50% capacity.

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